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Deep introduction with bioelectricity and micro-vibration ions


There are many charged ions inside and outside the cell membrane, which are relatively stable. With microcurrent stimulation, the permeability of the cell membrane changes, and various ions becomes active. Microcurrents promote metabolism by accelerating the flow of ions inside and outside cells. At the same time, under the action of microcurrent and micro-

vibration, the eye membrane, eye creams and skin creams will be quickly introduced into the skin in the form of ions to promote absorption. “Fairy stick” was developed using the most recent microcurrent technology, bio-micro-electricity, conventional EMS, ion functions with only positive or negative ions, while bio-microelectronics is capable of positive and negative ions, equivalent to the low-frequency version of RF, acting on the eye more suitable. At the same time positive and negative ions act simultaneously equivalent twice the effect of conventional microcurrent action.


(When some substances such as acids, alkalis, salts, etc. are soluble in water, ionization occurs, water is broken down into positive and negative ions, which can be guided by the movement of ions. Electric. When we place two positive and negative electrodes through continuous direct current, the positive ions move away from the positive to the negative, while negatively charged ions move away from the negative. The positive and negative poles move to the positive poles, using ions to transfer in water to form a current path. Using the above concept, the two electrodes are placed separately, with the human surface as medium of two electric poles communication, using the homogenization of the electrical sex, so that the ions will move into human body to achieve the effect of the introduction of drugs. )

Eye Beauty Fairy Stick

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  • Beauty anti-wrinkles, soothing eyes

    Eye "Fairy Stick" show you the eye-

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