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During a family trip in 2008, Mr. Wang Haoyu bought a children's suitcase of more than 300 yuan for his son, but he fell and broke the box on the way. Looking at the toys and clothing all over the floor, Mr. Wang was extremely angry. After returning home, He started investigating and collecting information on children's suitcases. He visited nearly 30 suitcase factories. He decided to invest all his saving to build a suitcase. For various reasons, it ended in failure after 1 year. More than 2 million liabilities. Three years later, Mr. Wang relied on his own efforts to pay off all his liabilities and opened two companies with more than 300 employees and annual sales of over 100 million. At this time, Mr. Wang remembered the child suitcase that made him fall into the bottom of his life. He started to research the suitcase market. After finishing researching the market, he decided to start over again. First invited the team of Park Jincheng, a well-known Korean product designer, to design 4 children's box styles in accordance with the ergonomics of Asian children. Then he invited a well-known domestic mold company, which took 8 months and opened more than 10 food molds. Flawless product molds and box materials are all imported from Germany. He is determined to imitate a quality suitcase suitable for Chinese children.

Children's Suitcase

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Currently two sizes available, 13" and 26". Color varied

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